Following are few of our Achievements
  • National award from National Innovation Foundation for scouting grassroots innovations and traditional knowledge in 2001, 2002 & 2007
  • Fifty innovations, documented by the center have been awarded national awards from the National Innovation Foundation.
  • Support from ITPGRFA FAO for the propagation of farmer developed varieties
  • Established knowledge based enterprises by pooling the best practices of women with support of the National Innovation Foundation.
  • Developed and disseminated farmer-innovated, low-cost cardamom drier, pepper thresher and cardamom polishing machine with the support of the Department of Science & Technology, GOI.
  • Innovators Technology Development Center for showcasing and exhibiting proven innovations of farmers

Services Offered

The center offers consultancy and training programmes on the following broad areas for farmers, educational institutes, NGOs, and R&D groups:
  • Farmer's innovations
  • Knowledge-based enterprises
  • Children Creativity

Knowledge based enterprises among the women’s groups

The Center, with the active support of the National Innovation Foundation, has launched a massive campaign for scouting the knowledge practices belonging to women. More than eight thousand practices have been mobilized from two blocks of Idukki district. These practices include cosmetics, nutraceuticals, health care practices, child rearing practices, livestock management practices, agriculture, recipes, etc. With the help of the National Innovation Foundation, the center has converted selected practices into enterprises under the brand name Sahya. The products have already been launched into the market.

The center has well-equipped facilities for residential programmes.
The center has well-equipped facilities for residential programmes. Interested groups may contact:
Coordinator, Center for Land to Lab Initiatives,Peermade Development Society,
Post Box - 11,Peermade PO. 685531, Idukki District, Kerala State.