Technology Development

Innovation centers for promoting sustaining agriculture

For meeting the needs of marginal farmers and women for processing their farm produce, the center has started agricultural processing centers by installing the proven technologies of farmers. These centers are operating in Idukki district and will cater to the needs of those processing spice crops. The whole center is managed by the women’s self-help groups. The project is being supported by DST -Science and Society Division.

Developmental Task Force of Youth

For spearheading the innovation movement in the remote tribal areas of Idukki district, the center has formed the developmental task force in the tribal areas. The task force will disseminate the selected proven innovations of farmers related to agriculture among their tribal groups and will act as the change agents in their respective tribal groups. The groups have raised model plots in their farms and have helped other groups to adopt the innovative practice of other farmers. The programme is being supported by DST Government of India.

Innovator's Technology Development Center

The Center for Land to Lab Initiatives has a center for exhibiting and showcasing selected innovations of farmers. Models of these innovative technologies are exhibited in this center.

Innovative farmers interested in showcasing their innovations in the center, please contact at


Promotion of the land to lab approach by disseminating the proven technologies of farmers

The center has successfully implemented a project supported by DST Science and Society division for promoting the land to lab approach by disseminating the proven technologies of farmers. The major objective of the project was to create awareness among the scientists, farmers, and policy makers about the potential of farmer's innovations. Innovations that are directly relevant to the farming communities have been developed and showcased in the rural and tribal areas. Small-scale enterprise units based on farmer innovations have been established in remote villages of Idukki. A cardamom drier developed by PJ Abraham has been popularized through this project and 30 units have been established in the district. Witnessing the success of the drier, several farmers have been inspired to install the drier on their own.